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January 3, 2021
AMK - a NEASC Candidate for Accreditation

Since AMK was opened in August 2018 it has been committed to setting new standards in education. As a licensed US curriculum school, AMK has aligned itself with the expectations of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai and complies with all the mandates of the UAE Ministry of Education. During the first academic year AMK successfully submitted a formal application to begin an internationally recognized accreditation process with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). NEASC is the oldest accrediting agency in the United States and its members include over 300 leading international schools located in 80 different nations.

In October 2019 AMK hosted a three-day Foundational Standards Visit facilitated by a NEASC representative who confirmed the school's application. The Visitor also reviewed the institutional structures in place to meet the academic program and student well-being standards which must be met by all the schools who are accredited with NEASC. Despite the global pandemic, during October 2020 AMK hosted a week-long NEASC Learning Principles Virtual Visit. This involved working with three NEASC representatives associated with accredited schools in the United States, Jordan, and India. During the Virtual Visit the Visitors reviewed a Learning Principles Report prepared by the school leadership, attended live classes through the AMK Learn Online platform and conducted various meetings with small groups of students, parents, and teachers to learn more about the developing AMK school community.

A formal report was prepared after the visit which has confirmed that AMK can now proceed to the most important stage of the accreditation process. The following excerpts are comments from NEASC which announced that AMK is now a Candidate for Accreditation. "The Visitors found Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej to be a strong learning community focused on growth and development. The Visitors noted the exceptional dedication of the leadership team and its willingness to engage in a deep reflection on the school’s current state in order to design an exciting future. While Conceptual Understanding of ACE Learning is still developing among members of the school community, there is a clear commitment on the part of the AMSI Board and school leadership to engage fully with this challenging protocol."